Coronavirus Services: Custom Menu Planning and Pantry Ideas

Wow. What a year the past week has been! Like all of you, my family is adjusting to this new normal of social distancing. Being home 24/7 with limited grocery runs can feel overwhelming and I want to do my part to help during this time. I’m offering a Custom Weekly Menu Service, or, as my aunt called it, “Iron Chef Meal Planning”. The details are listed below but in summary, you tell me what you have at home and I’ll send you a custom meal plan with recipes for the week. This service is $30/week.

As I am currently turning away new in-home personal chef clients and expect to be unable to go to my existing clients much longer, this will be a way to continue my business throughout this period. Additionally, I want to make sure cooking stays fun for all of you! One of my biggest joys in this business is to help people feed their families. I feel fortunate that I can still do that even from a distance.

I am also posting near-daily to my Instagram page with ideas and recipes for cooking from your pantry. Come follow me there!

Please shoot me an email at if you’re interested in the menu service. Now it’s time for me to run and tag team this “two parents working from home with a 13-month-old” thing. Stay well and don’t forget to breathe!

Custom Weekly Menu Service: Let me help with meal planning during this stressful time.You Tell Me: Whats in your fridge/freezer/pantry/spice cabinet, what level of cooking you want to do, who you are feeding, what equipment you have

I Give You: Menu: 7 days of breakfasts and dinners using what you have on hand, including recipes and methods, tips for using leftovers and making substitutions $30 per week: email



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