Personal Chef | Recipe Developer | Culinary Instructor

My name is Sarah Hartzell and I’m an Ohio native who now lives near Boston, Massachusetts with my husband and two young daughters.

My passion for cooking was stoked at an early age by my grandmothers. As a toddler, I would help them pit cherries for cherry pie. My technique has improved since then (I get significantly less cherry juice on the walls), and I continue to expand my culinary skill set. I love passing this knowledge and passion on to other home cooks.


I offer a weekly Meal Membership program where members receive a variety of meals delivered to their door each week (pick-up also available).

I also provide personal chef, recipe development and culinary instructor services. I offer small party and event cateringcooking classes and recipe development services. I provide recipe development services to clients such as Curio Spice Co. in Cambridge, MA and I previously worked as a culinary instructor for Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Cooking School in Boston.

Why Two Knives and a Pan?

My company’s name comes from my love of simple techniques. While I have a kitchen full of cooking tools, I firmly believe that you can make wonderful and delicious food if you only have two knives and a pan.

Say Hi!

Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments at sarah@twoknivesandapan.com.

Photo by Brianna Coleman