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Every new blog needs a welcome-to-my-corner-of-the-internet post (right?) so here goes…

My name is Sarah and I’m a food lover and eater who lives just outside Boston. My husband, Ben, is the frequent beneficiary of my kitchen successes and the unfortunate victim of my kitchen failures. 99% of the time he’s happy to serve in both capacities but sometimes he just wants a plain ol’ hamburger fortheloveofgod! (He would never say it that rudely though; he grew up in Georgia after all.) Together we raise two vegetable gardens (and send frequent photo updates to our parents – I’m sure they’d rather have grandchildren).

I grew up in Ohio and began helping in the kitchen as soon as I was old enough to stand on a stool at the counter. I am lucky to have a big extended family full of talented home cooks (and one trained chef) who taught me the variety of ways a family can put food on the table at the end of the day.

A few years ago, I started volunteering with Cooking Matters, an organization that teaches cooking and nutrition classes to low-income families and individuals. That experience opened my eyes to the magic that is home cooking. I love working with home cooks to help them feed themselves and their families.

The more I work with home cooks, the more I love them. There are as many styles of home cooking as there are people in the world – some are passionate about learning new flavors and techniques while others just need to get food on the table – but in the end, the thing we all share is the home kitchen.

My love of teaching led me to Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Cooking School, where I get to teach classes as an assistant culinary instructor.

With this blog, I want to continue to learn alongside other home cooks and share the knowledge and skills I learn along the way. I also plan to use this website as a platform to explore issues around food access, hunger and the food that unites (and divides) us.

The title of this blog comes partially from these interests. You do not need much to cook interesting and delicious food. Sometimes all it takes is two knives and a pan…

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